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I think I’m romanticizing what was killing me. I have a tendency to do that. Let’s be real, Illinois fucking sucks. Middle of nowhere, the weather is shit, there’s Chicago and then nothing but cornfields and plains for eternity in every direction. And Chicago is ghetto as hell. Shit goes down there. For real. I feel like everything’s faster and grayer in Chicago. Everyone is always trying to get somewhere even though we all know there’s really nowhere to go in the long run. Everything that happens elsewhere is always crazier and darker in Chicago.

We are politicians, industrialists, and long dark coats. We are also scholars, jazz musicians, thespians, and kids yelling into microphones. We are homesick for another place but we cannot leave, no matter how hard we try. We are coffee on a blustery morning, philosophy, vertical steel, dark clothing, art, ice skates, and ever-present slush on the streets. We are products of lake effect and overcast skies. We are our own twisted kind of beautiful. We are some of the best people in this country and our surroundings do not reflect that. We have down-to-earth Midwestern values, New York talent, and Ivy League knowledge. We are the Chicagoans, and we don't really want to be here but for some reason so many of us cannot cut the city's dark skies out of our hearts.


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