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i don't know if i should feel bad or not. i had this really weird conversation with this guy last night and i was totally manipulating him just for the fun of it. in my defense, he was willingly incriminating himself AND it was the first time he had talked to me in six months (he cut me off without explanation). however, it still felt kinda messed up. i'd tell him this stuff and say "i don't usually tell this to people, it's kind of a secret" and tell him something all my friends know, then in return he'd tell me something really weird and i'd screenshot it and text it to all my friends. he's an asshole, he knows it and i know it too. but that didn't stop him from texting me some things that people really shouldn't text to a minor. stuff like inviting me to come over when his parents aren't home, get drunk, and sleep over (i assumed what he really meant was have sex, judging by some of the things he said before that). obviously i don't want to. but how far will i go just to fuck with him? see what other stupid shit he can do or say that i can tell all my friends? i don't really want to find out how much of a manipulative bitch i can be without my conscience stopping me. at the same time, i'm bored. and i don't know what i'm doing. it's obvious he doesn't either. i think i might just be doing this whole thing just to feel something.
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